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A Quick Word on Price

April 5, 2018

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. It’s no different when searching for an IT consultant. The most expensive computer consultant will not necessarily be the best, but you should be cautious if your number one priority is price.

Hiring an outside company to do work with is risky in any regard, but especially in the tech world if you’re not already an expert on the subject. Many businesses just don’t know how much they need to pay an IT consultant because they don’t know exactly what they offer and what services they provide.

This is why we’ve written out a few pieces of advice for any business looking to hire an IT consultant, cloud-based or not.

Start Small

Before you hire your computer consultant to install a new network, hire them to do a small repair or network audit. This will give you the opportunity to see if they show up on time, follow through on promises, and is enjoyable to work with.

Many computer consultants will promise prospective clients the world and try to confuse them with “geek speak”. Some of these clients get overwhelmed and hire the consultant to do a major overhaul of their network, forgetting that they didn’t make sure if they were experienced or trustworthy at all.

Demand a Fixed Price

Many computer consultants charge by the hour for projects instead of quoting a fixed rate. This works great for them, but is dangerous for you. This gives your consultant a wide open field to take as long as they want working on your project – and it actually benefits them to do that.

Instead, demand a fixed price so the consultant is actually motivated to get the work done quickly. Some consultants will try to convince you that a routine repair will take hours longer than it actually should, and like with the first point they will try to overwhelm you with fancy technological jargon.

Get Everything in Writing

This includes:

  • A project timeline and completion date.
  • A written service guarantee.
  • An exact budget and payment schedule.
  • Any and all expectations you have for deliverables.
  • When and how you will receive project updates.
  • Your responsibilities as the client.
  • What happens if you are not satisfied?
  • What happens if the project runs over the designated completion date?

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