Get Safe. Backup to the TOSS Cloud

Start a Business Continuity Plan. Get Offsite Replication and Disaster Recovery. Keep more money in the bank by working with TOSS C3 to create a fully-custom solution that is purpose-built to your specific goals.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Eliminate tapes and consumer-based backup services. Get a true end to end data protection solution that guarantees your data is there when you need it.

Continuous Data Protection

Anytime point in time recovery – Like a DVR for your data.

Lower Costs

Spend less on bandwidth, management, and media.

Protect All Your Critical Data

Reduce backup times from hours to minutes and full recovery from days to hours or minutes.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

With vBCDR® you can guarantee your company will always be up and running

Why Cloud Based Backup & Disaster Recovery?

On the “Data Compliance” page we have “Data Compliance Assessment”, “Response and Remediation Plan”, “What are the Requirements”

For this one we will use the following:



Backing up to the TOSS cloud protects your data from all types of data loss including human errors, natural disasters and even malware. Dealing with these types of issues is a virtual guarantee. Not having to worry about them should be as well.



Cloud backup doesn’t require extra licensing and is not limited by your physical location. This reduces the startup costs you usually run into when implementing a backup program. vBCDR handles deduplication ad backup size reduction for you, allowing your IT team to focus on what matters most; keeping the business running. Flexible options around pricing and storage size allow your backup plan to grow with your business. Whether scaling up or down, vBCDR is ready to be as dynamic as you need it to be


Security & Compliance

vBCDR is custom-built to meet any regulatory guidelines your business must adhere to whether HIPPA, PCI, CMR 17 or one of the many more. Cloud backup with TOSS C3 helps to ensure the quality of your data backups and data protection. vBCDR stores all data in an encrypted state wither at rest or in-flight ensuring the highest level of security for data at all times.

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