What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is not "hosting." In other words, to make the move to the cloud, one does not packup their physical IT assets, i.e. servers, storage, and licenses and ship them off to an IT service provider. The Cloud frees a company from the never-ending technology hardware and software re-fresh cycle, while at the same time providing enterprise-level logistics, processes, and world-class 24/7 service and support. The Cloud levels the business technology playing field. The 5 user firm or large SMB/SME company can now enjoy the benefits of Fortune 100 computing resources and services by moving to the cloud and actually save money in process.

Is Cloud
Right for your Business?

Cloud Computing solutions from TOSS C3 are designed for any business located anywhere in North America. TOSS C3 is dedicated to providing comprehensive and unique Cloud services that can truly take your organization to the next level, and beyond, allowing you to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition while more easily achieving your goals with strategic technology.

Get Started Now
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    Improve the bottom line: Pay-as-you-go services combined with increased productivity and lower IT overhead means you save money

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    Reduce their carbon footprint: Go green by eliminating server storage and cooling costs while regaining the office real-estate your IT systems occupied

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    Enjoy leading-edge IT: Your technology is always being upgraded getting you faster access to the new IT software and solutions without added costs

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    Modernize their business processes: Streamline your business and get more out of a reliable IT system you can count on each and every day (or night)

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    Work on the go: You’ll have access to company data and applications from any device, anytime, from anywhere, just as if you were at your desk

Our Approach
  • Initial Interview

    We’ll meet and through conversation decide whether or not it makes sense for us to consider working together

    Initial Interview

  • We Learn About You

    Thorough discussion about your unique business problems, their impact on you, the company, and the bottom-line

    We Learn About You

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

    We’ll perform a CRA to gain insight into your IT system’s security and health

    Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

    We’ll calculate your potential annual savings. Our clients have saved 12-43%

    Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Presentation

    We’ll present our recommendations, demonstrate the system, review your ROI, and get your decision, Yes or No


  • Implementation & Support

    We’ll get the system up and running and be there every step of the way to make sure it stays that way

    Implementation & Support

Our Process is Proven See Our Client Successes


Greg Hanna is the Cyber Expert, best selling author and grateful to share his message at places like Nasdaq, Harvard, NYC Bar, and Carnegie Hal and later this year at Wells-Fargo, Google, The London Stock-Exchange, and Kensington Palace.

Greg’s a recurring guest on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW around the country and the Cyber Expert on 77 WABC Radio in New York City. Greg Hanna is the founder and CEO of TOSS C3 the, in demand Cybersecurity, Cloud, Computing and Data Compliance Company, and an expert in effectiveness and efficiency and creator of TheEdgePlanner being released nationally in May.

TOSS delivers the improvement from where you are to where you need to be so you can compete, grow, and achieve your goals.

TOSS C3 is the highly in demand technology company focused on cybersecurity, designing & building private clouds, converting companies to the Cloud, and Data Compliance. We are the sole-provider of IT as a Utility®, vBCDR®, and recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as the Cloud Conversion Company®.

Companies come to TOSS because they are S.A.D. for a few reasons:

Security: Fearful of being hacked by ransomware and other malware that will shut down their company, lock them out of their data and kill productivity. They have lost clients due to a potential data breach. They are tired of spending time and money trying to keep up with constant cybersecurity changes, requirements and compliance and just need help.

Agility: Frustrated that they can’t get real work done when out of the office. Lack secure and reliable remote access preventing mobility and timely communications. They have the right idea, but the wrong technology for business scale and growth. They have spent too much time and energy with VPNs and bad solutions with mixed results.

Data Compliance: Struggling with how to meet the stringent regulatory compliance demands of their customers and the government. They want to work with enterprise accounts such as Citi, Fidelity, and others but don’t have a clear understanding of what’s necessary to meet their compliance requirements and not sure who to turn to.


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