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Looking Forward to the Intelligent Cloud

November 6, 2019

Industries all across the world are waiting with baited breath to see how machine learning technology developers in the near future. This is because it has the potential to completely change every facet of their business, and this includes cloud computing companies as well. While cloud computing has made incredible strides in these recent years, machine learning could push it to a new age: the intelligent cloud era.

Machine Learning

In case you need a refresher; machine learning, as described by Google, “is functionality that helps software perform a task without explicit programming or rules. Traditionally considered a subcategory of artificial intelligence, machine learning involves statistical techniques, such as deep learning (aka neural networks), that are inspired by theories about how the human brain processes information.”

This type of technology can provide a needed boost to speed, efficiency and security to any industry. For the cloud computing world, this means it will be capable of learning from the data that’s stored in the cloud and make predictions or analyze data sets much more efficiently than any existing computer system can do. Since cloud computing is by its very nature totally internet-based, machine learning has amazing potential to have a great impact here.

How can you take advantage of this?

So what does this mean for businesses that work with cloud computing consultants? Basically, they would have access to a security and storage software that’s capable of thinking on its own and making decisions based on the data it has access to. As machine learning gets more developed, it will become a better proactive anti-ransomware and anti-virus solution than anything on the market or even the most skilled cloud engineer. This is what we call cognitive computing. You’ve probably already seen this in action with IBM’s Watson, most notably when it crushed its human competitors in Jeopardy!

Other possible uses for businesses are the evolution of the chatbots we see now on business websites into personal assistants like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. In the legal and healthcare industries, the first step of the client process includes a lot of general questions that can be easily answered. However, some of the more primitive chatbots still can’t properly answer every query. With a personal assistant equipped with cognitive computing, it will be as if they were speaking to a lawyer or doctor directly.

But why does machine learning depend on the cloud? Well, it’s a perfect platform for it to realize its potential. Cloud computing offers scalable and low-cost resources as well as the processing power necessary to allow a machine learning AI to process and analyze all that data. Hosting this kind of technology on a personal data center would be a nightmare or straight up impossibility on all but the largest companies in the world. For a cloud computing data center it’s a natural fit!

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