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Top 6 Ways Cloud Solutions Can Fail Law Firms

October 29, 2019

Lawyers are often tasked with seeking the truth. When we’re talking about technology, the truth is that any application, architecture, or product can fail us. Whether there’s a design flaw or a security gap, digital technologies can experience a different kind of disruption that has nothing to do with innovation. The users themselves sometimes cause these issues, through product misuse, poor execution, or general user error.



Take cloud computing. Cloud computing has allowed us access to information and tools that we never imagined even 15 years ago. But like all technologies, there are dos and don’ts associated with cloud that can make your data safer yet still more accessible. But there are also definite correct and incorrect security and operational tactics for using cloud computing. This article shows the small law firm how to avoid common mistakes that cause cloud disruption.

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What Not to Do in the Cloud

Phishing, which are spam emails with malicious software attached, are rampant. Symantec says one in every 131 emails contain a virus. These viruses are distributed through the cloud and all it takes is one wrong click and, Houston, we could have a serious problem. Here are eight more points of vulnerability associated with cloud computing that your law firm should take note of:

  1. Don’t share your login in credentials with anyone else in your office. Login credentials help track user activity. If you take this security protocol away, how will you know which person really deleted that important file or was accessing important client data?
  2. Change your password frequently and use strong passwords. Don’t use “1,2,3,4” or a nickname that everyone knows. Don’t use the word “password” in your password. Make use of upper and lower case, symbols, and numbers. When it comes to passwords – the whole keyboard is your friend.
  3. Don’t use public computers to access your cloud solutions provider network. Avoid computers in hotel business centers, airport lounges, and libraries. Never access your network to download data in any public place. Don’t log in and check your bank account or make an online payment by credit card from a public location.
  4. If your cloud solutions provider or any of your vendors offer security questions, use them but choose them carefully. Skip the Mom’s maiden name question – we can find that out pretty easily.
  5. Be careful on social media. Just always remember that posting on LinkedIn or Facebook is pretty open for anyone to find.
  6. Also be cautious about user permissions. Your cloud solutions or managed service provider might be able to help you select which employees, figuratively speaking, will get a key to the front door, the code to the safe, or no access to anything at all.
  7. Never ever ignore your cloud solutions provider’s attempts to have you update your computers. Never delay updating security patches on hardware such as your phone, desktop or laptop. One benefit of the cloud is that your cloud solutions provider is constantly making changes and upgrades to their services that you don’t even notice. As new viruses and hacker threats emerge, your cloud provider will issue patches that keep your office safe.
  8. Keep your work computer separate from your personal computer. If you’re using the same computer that your son uses and he likes to download free games, it might not be wise to access your office server. Free apps and games can contain malware. If you access your office data on the same home computer that might have malware installed, it’s like leaving the front door unlocked and the alarm off when you leave the office. You may inadvertently introduce a virus into your corporate data.



Cloud Solutions for Law Firms

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