Private Cloud Construction

The cloud evolution is upon us and brings with it the certainty of cost-reduction, speed to market, and scalability. As a forward thinker, you realize the benefits of cloud computing and want to embrace it at your company. Regulatory compliance, uncertainty, or fear may prevent you from being able to move your servers, data, and applications to the cloud. Work with TOSS to get the benefits of the cloud and these concerns are no longer.

  • Cloud In The Box®

    Your Company in the Cloud

    TOSS C3‘s Cloud In The Box® makes building, using, and managing your own private cloud a simple process. Once our Cloud Architects evaluate your environment and requirements, they construct the right sized Cloud In The Box® system for you.

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  • Cloud Partners

    Only The Best

    Whether established and proven or new and exciting, TOSS works hard behind the scenes to ensure we work with only the very best in the industry. Our long-term and growing relationships guarantee the best possible experience for our clients.

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