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IT Outsourcing for Small Law Firms in the Cloud

January 20, 2017

What if someone told you that you do not need an IT team at your law firm? That’s right, not a single person working IT. Software as a Service (SaaS) does just that. Of course, there is a little more to it than that, but there is no need for an IT team, especially in smaller law firms.

Law firms that deal in enterprise-level software have a large advantage over the smaller firms, but by entering the cloud it is possible for small firms to use the same software and consequently, to level the playing field. Before we get started, download the white paper:

The Hardware

IT outsourcing through a cloud provider gives you the flexibility to add or reduce hardware as needed. The servers are handled by the cloud service, and any computers that need to be installed, removed or upgraded can be done by the cloud service. As your company grows, computers can be delivered and installed, and all the needed software will be installed automatically. Find out more about how managed services work, download the whitepaper: IT as a Utility.

The Software

This is one of the best things about IT outsourcing. You can purchase virtually any software you need. You only pay for the number of licenses you need. The cloud provider can perform all the updates automatically so there is no down time for your firm. Everything is stored on the cloud, so if there is any reason that you need a quick change of software on one computer or another, the managed service provider can make it happen.

The Security

Even 18 months ago, this was a concern for many law firms, but not as much anymore. Cloud providers make sure they meet all the regulatory standards to meet the needs of law firms. If you are not sure about this, then contact a cloud provider, like TOSS C3, and ask them if, and how, they can keep your data safe. Not only is it important to ask about safety related to keeping hackers off your servers, but there is also the issue of backups, and disaster recovery.

In all of these cases there is the possibility that data can be lost, destroyed or stolen. Reputable cloud providers may pride themselves on their security, but feel free to ask them a lot of questions. Ask questions until you feel confident about placing your data in the cloud.

Using IT outsourcing gives all these benefits and more. The key is to ask the cloud providers what they have to offer. All of the resources mentioned above usually require a monthly or yearly fee, and include an unmatched flexibility for your law firm. In some cases, software purchased will be part of your rental agreement, so depending on the types of software or hardware you are requesting, your contract may allow for upgrades and services free of charge.

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