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Why Insurance Firms Need a Managed Service Provider

March 10, 2017

Larger insurance firms have all the goodies: high-end software, all the best cloud capabilities, and the perfect managed service provider (MSP) to help manage their cloud. MSPs are not just for enterprise firms. In fact, some suggest that small- to medium- sized firms should look toward MSPs as a wise investment.

Most likely your firm has already joined the cloud to some degree. Maybe through some applications or your via email servers, you have started the slow progression to an internet-based company. Here are a few more things you should consider to move your insurance firm forward.

Do You Need IT?

Some companies need an IT department and some do not. There is no doubt, however, that you could be saving money. Managed service providers help to remove some, or all, of your IT department. When you contact an MSP they will go through the needs of your company. Part of optimizing your infrastructure strategy is to see where you can get rid of unneeded man hours.

An MSP can dedicate a server for your company in its data center. Applications are all ready to be installed. Virtual machines are ready to go active. All you have to do is notify the MSP of your needs, and they can make it happen. As your company grows, so will the resources you require, and again, the MSP can easily upgrade everything you need in a matter of days, and sometimes in just hours. To find out more about IT you can download the white paper:


Computers may have to be purchased depending on the MSP, but they will connect through a virtual computer. A virtual computer is an image stored on the server that people can access. In other words, someone from finance can sit down and log on, and they will have all of the applications, links, and the files they need to perform their job. Then, a person from P&C can sit down and log on, and all of their necessary files and applications will be present. None of this information is stored on the individual computer. It is on the server. So, employees of the firm can hop on any computer, laptop, or tablet and log in to perform their job.

Servers are maintained regularly, backups are automatic depending on your preferences, and hard drive and memory can be upgraded on the fly. You may need a guy to help connect printers, but all of your network needs are handled trouble free. Find out more about how MSPs can help you:


There are several advantages to having an MSP handle your software concerns. All updates are automatic, and they can be installed during weekends or late at night when there is no one at the office to be affected. Software licenses may be very expensive, but an MSP can purchase applications in bulk and pass the savings on to their customers. This makes it possible for even small insurance firms to use the same applications that enterprise-sized companies use. Applications can be purchased and assigned to the proper virtual image, so you only pay for licensing to the personnel that needs the application.

As stated above the mobility aspect alone is worth contacting a managed service provider to see what they can do for your insurance firm. The ability to connect staff via tablets and laptops can be priceless in today’s busy world. If an employee is stuck at home due to weather conditions, but they still have internet access, then they can still work. Talk to a professional today – request a quote.

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