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Does Your Accounting Practice Need Managed Security Services?

July 21, 2017

Is your practice at risk for a security breach? It is if it has email.

Unscrupulous hackers are embedding malware into emails that seem like they’re from your bank, the IRS, or a good friend. Clicking on a link can result in a download within seconds, and that download can infect your computer, and then like rapid-fire, the infection can spread to anyone else on your computer network.

Think we’re overstating the problem? Check out the latest:

  • Increported that the majority of hacker attacks this year will be on firms that “believe they aren’t big enough to suffer a cyber attack. As a result they do very little to prepare themselves. Hackers know this and target them for that reason.”
  • Presnell Gage Accounting and Consulting suffered a security breach last summer in which hackers filed fraudulent tax returns to obtain refunds.
  • A Bulgarian hacker received a four-year prison term for hacking into accounting firms in three U.S. states, stealing data from more than 1,000 clients.

These are just three of the latest arguments for accounting firms to consider a managed security provider.

What is a Managed Security Provider?

Technology outsourcing is nothing new for accounting firms. Since the majority of U.S. accounting firms are considered small to mid-sized, most cannot afford to hire a full-time technologist. Managed services offer a viable option for these businesses. The managed services industry encompasses a variety of services. Lately, Security-as-a-Service has risen in popularity, especially in light of the increase in cyber terrorism.

A managed security provider helps accounting firms manage their on-premise and cloud computing models to keep them safe from encroachment. They typically manage and observe these platforms from afar, and use a variety of techniques and software to keep an eye on your precious data.

TOSS C3 can provide the protection you need. Request a quote for infrastructure management and security-as-a-service.

A managed security provider can make sure your hardware and software are regularly patched to ensure you stay shielded from the latest cyber terrorism techniques. They can also help you set up a business continuity plan for any eventuality – from a natural disaster to a hack.

Top Characteristics of a Managed Security Provider

Finding the best-managed security provider is probably the most important thing you can do for your business in the next few years. We recommend you look for:

  • A firm that has a track record in your unique field.
  • A consulting firm that first completes an assessment of what you have – and what you’re missing.
  • A managed security provider that looks at your entire approach, from technology like firewalls, wireless routers, and employee behaviors, to management of this technology (including risk management), the adaptability of your data and business resilience, and compliance.

The concept of the managed security provider is that they are there when you can’t be. Think of them as your own personal pit bulls, fiercely protective of your data and internal processes. For any sized accounting firm, managed security makes sense from a risk mitigation perspective. They are there to supplement your existing IT teams with state-of-the-art monitoring. For the small accounting firm, managed security providers may be all that stands between you and some negative headlines.

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