Ransomware, Virus and Malware Protection 
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PC's & Mac's Guaranteed

Get real-time managed protection against advanced threats driven by machine learning , AI, and intelligent automation.

 Never Pay a Ransom

ZPS' $1Million Cyber-Guarantee option gives you peace of mind.

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ZPS is a Certified Anti-virus Replacement

As a ZPS customer, you can rest assured that your systems are 100% protected against ransomware, viruses and malware 24/7 without you or your staff having to take on extra work.

Managed 24/7

Get expert monitoring & remediation without adding to IT's workload.

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ZPS' unique behavioral analysis and machine learning keep you safe.

What the Brightest People Are Saying About ZPS

“Knowing that ZPS is protecting us against the devastation of ransomware helps me sleep better."




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“Having ZPS and knowing that I am protected by the next level of cybersecurity  allows me to focus on running the best possible IT environment for my firm."



Zero-day Protection Service

Zero-day Protection Service

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