White Label

Be a market leader. Increase margins and productivity. Deliver the most robust and fastest Cloud solutions available. The “green field” opportunity in the IT industry is the Cloud delivery of Applications, Infrastructure, Storage, and complete IT as a Utility, to name a few. Every Software, Internet, Co-location, and National IT provider wants to take advantage of the Cloud opportunity. Don’t you? The Cloud opportunity today is what the Networking opportunity was from the late 80’s – mid-90’s; massive market, easily delivered, huge value for your customers, and big margins for you. As a visionary who knows the Cloud is here to stay, why not leap-frog your competition and deliver your own branded Cloud solutions today, before the window of opportunity for gaining massive Cloud market-share closes forever.

  • Independent Software Vendor

    Make your application cloud available to your customers from any device, from any operating system, from anywhere on the planet, today. No coding or development necessary.


  • National Retailers

    Drive revenue. Increase profit. Build long-term recurring revenue. Claim your true cloud strategy and block the competition from taking your customers.


  • Service Providers

    Sell high-value monthly recurring revenue services to your existing customers and watch your business sore. Stop putting it off and get your turn-key solution today.


  • Joint-Venture

    Have an idea, product, or service that could benefit from working together? Life's too short to wait. Contact us and let's see how we can help one another.


  • Software as a Service

    Eliminate hardware and maintenance costs while gaining agility and increased profits. Let TOSS take over maintaining, managing and supporting your business applications via our Privately-Owned, Redundant, Enterprise-Class Datacenters.

  • Hosted Phone Systems

    Tired of dealing with your phone system? Frustrated by expensive repairs and upgrades? Say Goodbye to phone frustration and hello to the TOSS Cloud.

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