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Tips to Aid Your Law Firm in Partnering With the Right IT Service Management Vendor

December 15, 2016

Finding the right IT service management company is not an easy task. They need to fit in with your corporate motto, and be aware about the important security measures law firms abide by. At the same time you have to find a company that is not going to claim they are “specialists” in the field, and, therefore, charge you twice the going rate for their services.

Find Their Real Specialization

Some IT service management companies are not really in the ‘management’ business. Instead, they have a focus on fixing problems. For some scenarios this is a good thing. The client only has to pay for ‘fixes’ when things go awry. The downside is, the service company may charge huge fees for each repair incident.

On the other side of the fence are the “real” management companies. These companies usually charge a flat monthly rate. The advantage to these companies is they do not want anything to go wrong. Their goal is to keep things running smoothly and seamlessly. You can see a real ROI with these services.


No company will be an expert at everything in the computer world. Find out ahead of time what they specialize in. Are they familiar with the specific needs of a law firm? Do they have case studies to back up their claims? Don’t give in, even if the price is great, to the “we can handle it” phrase. You need to partner with a provider that can meet your particular needs. Also, ask about support services. Can you get in touch with them when you need to? Do they post one or more ways to contact support?

Your Law Firm Doesn’t Have to Be SAD

Businesses seek out IT service providers for a number of reasons. In general, it is to keep the business from being SAD. Overall, every business has 3 essential needs that an IT service management provider can help with…

Stability: the business may have lost productivity or clients when the system went offline, or they may be struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology. They want true and reliable stability.

Agility is essential. Businesses are looking for mobility and timely communications. Business scale and growth should not cause complications.

Disaster Recovery is the ‘D’ in SAD. Businesses need to have confidence in the business longevity and continuity.

Is your law firm SAD?

Before selecting an IT service management company, consider whether the company has high standards and services that help you do more for less. For more information download the white paper: IT as a Utility.

The Interview

Don’t just pick someone after a disaster has already occurred. Take your time and do the required research. Ask questions before making a final decision. Ask the IT service management group how they would handle specific disasters, as well as minor tasks. If they can give good solid clean answers for all of your scenarios, then they may be the perfect fit for your law firm.

From backups and security to cloud-based document management, you need a service management provider that understands your needs. It may benefit your company to look toward a cloud hybrid situation where IT problems can be resolved quickly, and all your sensitive data is safe in-house. Find out how TOSS C3 can help your law firm move forward.

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