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Taming the Beast: How Managed Service Providers Help Simplify the Complexity of Your IT Environment

October 25, 2016

Technology is essential; there’s no denying it. You need software to automate all your work processes. You need server banks for data storage and ever-evolving cyber security technologies. You have to enable mobile workers, as well as mobile customers. Soon, your IT infrastructure is more complicated than trying to decipher the bill you get from your phone company. Aren’t those enough to pull every hair out of your head?

But it’s possible to simplify your life and your business, while still leveraging all the advantages of modern technologies. You simply need to partner with a managed service provider. These vendors offer all the tech products and perks, for a lot less cost and without adding a shred of complexity to your existing IT infrastructure. Here’s what you need to know.

Significantly Reduce Your Equipment & Hardware Needs

Apart from the gnarly tangles of wires and cables, tech hardware adds a lot of complexity to the business. Servers and other storage and processing infrastructure have to be properly configured, continually updated and upgraded, secured, maintained, repaired, and cataloged in your IT asset management system. Selecting, purchasing, and maintaining hardware doesn’t just complicate the work of the IT department, it also adds to the responsibilities and workload of your accounting or finance department, your executives, your managers, your customer service reps, and workers who should be focused on operations or production. Why is it so hard? You can learn more when you get your complimentary copy of Greg Hanna’s book ‘Computers Should Just Work!’. By partnering with managed service providers, you eliminate all of this extra work across the entire company.

Make Software Asset Management Easier

Are you aware that any of the vendors from which you purchase software are allowed to audit you at any time, for any reason? Say you use on-premises software for regular tasks like creating and managing spreadsheets, text editing, creating proposals or presentations, etc. (And, let’s face it, all businesses do!) If you happen have a few more users than you’ve purchased copies of these software systems for, you could face huge fines.

By partnering with managed service providers, you can get all your software in the cloud. You’ll never have to worry about getting a dreaded letter of audit — or a big, fat fine for software license non-compliance. You pay for the users who actually log on and access the system — no more and no less — and no one can ever accuse you (or charge you) otherwise.

Make Mobile Management Easier

One of the most complicated aspects of doing business today is developing and deploying software applications to enable mobile users. Most businesses need a minimum of two mobile apps — one for your mobile workers and one for your customers. With a wide variety of Android devices, plus all the Apple products and Windows devices on the market, this can be extraordinarily difficult and costly. The easiest solution is to partner with a managed service provider that can empower your mobile workers and customers without bringing these complex operations under your roof.

Make Cyber Security Less Risky

Another thing that’s grown exponentially in recent years in terms of complexity is cyber security. While a firewall and antivirus program used to be all you needed to stay safe, now security involves round-the-clock monitoring by professionals who are trained and experienced in recognizing threats from more mundane traffic anomalies. A managed service provider can do this without your business having to hire and support a team of security specialists 24-7.

Ready to get more access to the latest technological advancements, without adding to the already complex existence of your business?

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