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A Quick Refresher on how the Cloud Helps Hospitals

September 15, 2020

As technology grows, the greater the potential to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities grows as well. No better example of this in recent years can we find than with cloud technology. The cloud has allowed hospitals to synthesize their IT network, improving their cyber security and ushering in new applications while allowing doctors and medical professionals to focus strictly on their patients. Here is a quick refresher on just how the cloud is achieving this.

The Cloud Reduces Downtime

Hospitals cannot afford to lose any time due to power outages or cyber attack. They need to keep their network running so they can continue helping their patients. Not to mention that downtime, as it does with every other industry, eats away significantly at earnings and can cost a business a devastating amount of money depending on how long it goes in the dark.

Unfortunately, with the exploding industry of cybercrime and the seedy underbelly on the internet called the dark web, natural disasters aren’t the only way a business can accrue downtime. Because of this, it is imperative that a hospital have the best cyber defense it possibly can, and you can’t find any better than to work with a trusted cloud service provider with healthcare-specific applications to protect your IT network.

Proactive Anti-Virus and Anti-Ransomware

Working with a trusted, HIPAA-compliant cloud provider means that you have an entire team of cloud engineers monitoring your network and applying updated as soon as they are available. The severity of the attacks these days make it so that you can’t afford to quarantine it after it has infected your computer. You have to make sure that you never open yourself up to getting any spam or malware on your computer. Working with a cloud provider makes that task a lot less difficult, because doing it on your own can sometimes be too much to ask for.

Working on the Go

Being a medical professional is a 24-hour-a-day job, so they need to be able to access all of their work applications through their mobile devices like smart phones with no drop-off in quality compared to their work stations. A good cloud provider should have the ability to make this possible.

Patients will be able to communicate with their doctor whenever the need arises, and Alzheimer’s patients can wear GPS wristbands so healthcare facilities can keep track of them at all times.

However, phones can be hacked the same way computers can, and there are even specific attacks like man-in-the-middle attacks designed to target phones. Working with a cloud provider eliminates these worries and allows doctors to safely conduct business on the go.

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