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IT Outsourcing for Law Firms

February 23, 2017

IT outsourcing has become more than a trend in law offices, it is a fact of life. Small- to medium- sized firms are using all the advantages of a lower price initial cap when starting anew, and the hassle-free environment of less technicians and space. Enterprise solutions include IT outsourcing or a hybrid configuration depending on the solution models they need for each office.



Onsite IT

Smaller firms need IT just like the bigger enterprise corporations. The problem is if they want to add an IT department then they need to hire people to help. You may be an entrepreneur and figure you can just do it yourself. You can hire someone to build your website to reach out to new clients. Then you can learn the technical specs to purchase the required hardware and software involved. But seriously, all you will really be doing is building a home network.

IT personnel must be hired, with either full time or through a service. An advisor will have to be contracted to create the infrastructure to protect the data from data loss and hackers. The initial cost of equipment and man hours could cause you to take out a second mortgage on your home. Find out more, download the white paper: Managed IT Services For Small Businesses.

The Hybrid

The hybrid solution allows your firm to have an internal network connected to a cloud network. An advantage to this is the ability to keep specific files and data stored locally, but still have the fluidity and accessibility to the cloud. Daily operations can be run through the cloud via virtual servers, and backups can be performed as outlined in your cloud provider contract. The hybrid is a good mix of internalizing your data, but having the flexibility associated with cloud applications and services. Find out more about the hybrid: Subscribe to the TOSS C3 blog.



The Cloud

You are a small firm and you have decided it is time to upgrade. You want access to some of the same applications the larger firms are using and want to have the professionalism of enterprise-level firms. Going straight into the cloud allows your firm to:

  • Add applications without added costs of large site licenses
  • Not have an initial cost for IT personnel
  • Pay a subscription price per month/year that covers all your IT needs
  • Not worry about downtime
  • Know your data is secure

Download our cloud report, and find out more about the ways the cloud can help you save money.

The extras that come out in the process of IT outsourcing include mobility of services. You can rely on access to your firm’s network while using your tablet, Smartphone, laptop or other connected devices. Your data is secure from threats, natural disasters, or employee mishaps. The cloud provider simply configures a server to meet your needs. They add the applications you request, set up the automation presets, and define data storage parameters. Then you are done, and they take over the IT business for your needs. Get a free assessment now and see how TOSS C3 can meet all your IT outsourcing needs.

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