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IT Outsourcing Integration for Health IT

March 22, 2017

Healthcare IT outsourcing has grown enormously over the past several years. For clinics and smaller health providers it has become a standard, but recently medium-sized offices have also looked to the assets IT outsourcing has to offer. According to HealthcareITNews, “The global healthcare IT outsourcing market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6 percent, to reach $50.4 billion by 2018.”

Healthcare is a Business

Healthcare is in the business of helping people, but there is a fine line between these two entities. Healthcare is meant to help, but if they are not careful they may not be around to offer anything to patients. So, the conundrum is present; healthcare should be affordable, but at the same time offer the maximum services for patients. Healthcare IT outsourcing is one of the moves many companies are making to ensure both concerns are addressed. By outsourcing IT services, institutions are able to save money on expensive IT personnel, cutting edge technology applications, and new innovative server platforms.

Benefits of Health IT Outsourcing

The healthcare industry is on the move, both technologically and financially. There are several healthcare entities that have their own innovation centers. These centers are think tanks designed to improve information management, provide integration of solutions, and include coding their own healthcare IT applications. As large enterprise-sized healthcare facilities continue to test the market, the small- to midsized companies are forced into paying the higher prices of IT staff, hardware, software, and management. IT outsourcing alleviates almost all of the headaches by:

  • Reducing Cost – IT staff is expensive, especially, when you count in health insurance, retirement plans, sick and vacation days, etc. Hardware is just as bad. IT outsourcing relieves you from the need of servers. The provider manages, updates, and repairs your servers for you.
  • Unbeatable experience – Cloud providers have unmatched IT employees. These employees have the best of training, and they keep up on their training as new technologies surface. This means you will always have the right people for the job, regardless of your network configuration, the applications you install, or the mobile configurations you decide to run.
  • Reliability – TOSS C3 has a solid reputation as an IT outsourcer. They have been in the business for many years, and stay up-to-date on all the new technologies. They are specialists in the healthcare industry and are HIPAA licensed. Subscribe to the TOSS C3 blog and stay up to date on all the latest Health IT news.
  • Resource Allocation – By outsourcing your IT department, you are no longer dragged down with IT problems. Those resources can be allocated to other areas within the office. Data is collected and stored as you require. Backups are taking care of as often as you would like. Server security is a constant and of no concern to you. If anything breaks, it is fixed immediately without tickets, extra resources, or more capital out of your pocket.

IT outsourcing is no longer a choice in the healthcare industry. The costs of not outsourcing IT healthcare has become too expensive; to save the bottom line companies are looking to the cloud for help. Get a free assessment today! 

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