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IT Outsourcing for Insurance Firms in the Cloud

February 8, 2017

IT outsourcing through the cloud is no longer a debate. Enterprise level insurance companies consider it a standard, and many small- to mid-sized firms are finding ways to integrate it into their budget. IT outsourcing through the cloud is not much different than regular outsourcing.

If a project is too big to handle in-house then it makes sense to outsource. The difference is that the cloud offers a company easy access to the resources it needs over a short amount of time; at the same time, it can handle a more permanent solution, like moving your main datacenters to the cloud.

The Desktop

Gone are the days of having IT team members go to each machine and manually install every piece of software. An IT professional could spend hours updating a single machine to get it up and running; hopefully by the next day. Then came the days of imaging software. This was a tool in which an entire desktop would be saved as an image. The IT tech would simply connect to the server, start the download, and move on to other IT needs. Today the cloud takes everything to a new level. A simple connection is made and all the applications are downloaded. There is no need for IT personnel to install, maintain or upgrade any applications – it can all be set to happen automatically.

For those that want the newest and best, there is the virtual desktop. The technology is not new, but how the cloud handles it is. Imagine a person sitting down at a machine and entering their credentials and they are able to access all the applications they need to perform their job, but then someone else with a totally different skill-set can sit down at the same machine, log in, and have all the tools they need.

IT in the Cloud

Many companies now realize that IT outsourcing in the cloud is a growing venture that is not going away. Dedicated data centers are a thing of the past. In fact, cloud providers are learning to optimize their data centers as well. Many larger companies are taking their hundreds of data centers and combining them into a single facility. This takes up less acreage, which is less cost and adds a strong manageability to their service.

Customers are constantly looking for better service for a lower price, and cloud providers are stepping up to the task. Standard outsourcing companies overseas are trying to keep up by allocating resources to the cloud, but local cloud providers are growing too fast.

IT Outsourcing for Insurance

Between hackers, policies, and state laws, it is imperative that local insurance companies rely on local providers. IT outsourcing in the insurance industry just makes sense. The flexibility to expand as needed is a must. Smaller firms that may not increase in location size, but may spread out with multiple offices require a strategy to get the new location up and running as quick as possible, and they are finding this in the cloud.

Clients demand the best from anything they buy. When it comes to insurance they want to believe that the insurer they picked is one of the best available. In order to keep that reputation, insurers need to keep progressively thinking about the future. Find out how IT outsourcing can help your company today.

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