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Looking for an Iceman to Your Maverick? IT Service Management Has Your Wing, Man

October 21, 2016

When you strip off all the shiny exterior, what makes your business tick? Put in the simplest possible terms, the goal of business is to make more of a profit margin than your competitor — outpacing them in terms of sales, revenue, and profits. That means finding ways to eliminate waste, boost productivity, and get the best business products and services possible for the lowest price. You’re not shopping for cheap stuff, you’re looking for good value.

IT service management is like being able to borrow a billion dollar plane from the taxpayers. You get to fly it, you can even buzz towers with it, but you don’t have to pay for it. Well, not completely. You only pay for what you use. Download the white paper: Managed IT Services For Small Businesses to get deep insights on this topic.

IT service management is the wingman you’re looking for to speed up your processes, eliminate waste, boost productivity, and keep costs low. Here’s how.

Save Time

Building an IT team isn’t unlike finding a good partner to fly with. You have to have the perfect balance of skill, personality, talent, and commitment. If they don’t agree with each other’s methodology or flight philosophy, there isn’t much hope the team will work. Partnering with an IT service management vendor means that you don’t have to waste time on searching for IT talent and trying to hire, retain, and manage a group of technical people. Instead, that time can be used to work on building your business. Just hire an already assembled team of IT pros and take advantage of the efforts of others.

Save Money

Just like planes that are capable of flying 1,500 miles per hour, IT equipment isn’t cheap. It’s quite easy for even a small business to spend tens of thousands on servers, IT infrastructure hardware, and software. Unfortunately, you aren’t Maverick and taxpayers aren’t footing the bill.

IT service management gives you immediate access to far more storage and computing power than your business could likely buy for itself, without any large capital investments. All of the money that you would spend on IT infrastructure can now go towards forwarding your business goals, such as hiring new workers, investing in new industry technologies like process automation, or acquiring a better business location.

Boost Productivity

What are your workers doing when they aren’t busy looking for tech talent and managing a bunch of expensive IT infrastructure? Well, they’re focusing on growing your business, of course! Having IT service management as a wingman means that your entire internal focus can be on what your business is about.

These vendors offer a wide range of technical products and services to power your business, without adding to the complexity of your in-house operations. Look for an IT service management vendor that can deliver a wide range of options for your business, including data storage solutions, cloud-based applications, security monitoring, backup and disaster recovery services, and other products and services that help you boost productivity, eliminate waste, and cut the costs of today’s business operations.

Feel the Need, The Need for Speed

You don’t have to fly around the world to find the IT service management solutions you need. You can get them fast, without any lip from the wingman.

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