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Leaner. Meaner. Greener. No, Not the Hulk! It’s IT Outsourcing for Your Small Business

October 24, 2016

Do you realize how essential technology is to the success of your business? Just like the Avengers depend on the brute strength and tenacity of the Hulk, businesses are helpless without tech solutions like data storage and processing, software applications, and security solutions to keep machines, networks, and users safe online. IT outsourcing is the tech Hulk you need — giving your business the ability to operate leaner, meaner, and greener. Here’s how.

How IT Outsourcing Makes Your Business Leaner

Large enterprises have a department for everything. They employ housekeeping staff, accountants and bookkeepers, a legal team, a PR team, and two departments full of sales and marketing pros. Your small business can’t. You have to keep things lean and streamlined just to make ends meet. IT outsourcing puts all of the essential technical needs in the palm of your hand, without bloating your staff or taxing your budget. You can get everything from data storage solutions to SaaS applications to mobile device management, all through a single vendor under a single contract. That’s as lean as the business world gets.

How IT Outsourcing Makes Your Business Meaner

What does it take to crush the competition? You have to be able to cut your prices while maintaining excellent quality, but most importantly you have to annihilate them when it comes to customer service. So, being meaner in today’s business world actually means killing your customers with kindness, so that you slam the competition when it comes to repurchasing your products or renewing subscriptions with you. IT outsourcing allows you to quit worrying about whether the tech stuff works or how it works, so that you can put 100 percent of your attention into cutting costs, improving quality, and knocking your customers out with spectacular customer service.

You can radically improve your customer service levels with higher speeds and lower response times. Learn what you need to know about speeding up your business network when you download the whitepaper: Small Business Networking.

How IT Outsourcing Makes Your Business Greener

There are two reasons businesses need to “go green” these days. First, obviously, there’s a real concern for the environment. Data centers and many other tech products are very high consumers of power and resources, while also contributing more than their fair share of pollutants. Most retired tech equipment contains heavy metals and other environmental toxins which, when disposed of in the wrong way, can cause pollution to seep into the soil and water reserves.

The second reason is related to PR. Companies like to be able to tout their environmental conscience as part of their selling point. If your business can legitimately say that you are kinder and gentler to the environment, that gives you a much needed edge over competitors who may be racking up huge energy bills and dumping toxins into the ground and water reservoirs unnecessarily.

IT outsourcing is a green option, allowing your business to significantly cut its wastefulness of finite resources and pollution, while also cutting your electric bills considerably. It’s the Triple Crown of doing business — cutting costs, eliminating waste, and outpacing the competition — all in one!

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