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Is the Cloud Safe for Lawyers?

August 19, 2020

As a cloud provider, we get a lot of feedback from professionals, and particularly lawyers, asking if the cloud is safe for their industry. We completely understand their trepidation – they may have first heard about the cloud when it was in its infancy and haven’t kept up with the advancements in the technology since or they may be iffy about storing their data where they can’t see it.

If you’re in the legal industry and still feel this way, we are happy to tell you that the cloud is completely safe and legally viable for law firms. In fact, for a lot of law firms the cloud is actually the much better option for data storage and IT security.

The Cloud Advantage

We can sum up the advantages of moving to the cloud in four words: money, space, time, security.

Those are some pretty important words! Well, it’s true. Trusting your IT with the cloud over an in-house IT staff and server room could potentially save you money and time while giving you more office space and better network security.

Moving to a cloud provider allows you to get rid of the servers in your office. Practically your entire IT department is moved to a third party facility. The cloud provider will manage all of the servers you require, and keep up on necessary software upgrades and installations, which gives an added layer of security to your network.

Law firms, even small firms or even solo practitioners, also stand to save a lot of money by hiring a managed cloud provider.

Normally, a law firm spends money to buy each of the applications they use directly from software developers. Some smaller firms can’t even afford to buy the full applications so they have to resort to buying parts of the bundle or use a barebones version.

However, a cloud provider that specializes in the legal industry can buy the full version of these applications in bulk then pass down the savings to their clients. This allows bigger firms to save money, and smaller firms the ability to keep up with the big fish.

Creating a Modern Workplace

Managed cloud providers can also open up your business to a plethora of other advantages and new avenues of workplace efficiency.

One such advantage is that you will be able to securely take your legal work on the go. When some people work remotely, they take their laptop to a Starbucks and use the local Wi-Fi. This is not safe and could potentially expose your network to a virus! Instead, cloud providers can offer mobile end-to-end security with encryption that increases employee productivity without compromising security.

Cloud providers can also keep an eye on your network 24/7 to make sure that all of your software is fully up to date and that no cyber-attack attempt goes unnoticed. This prevents crashes and hacking events that could shut down your business for a few days – or indefinitely.

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