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Failing to See an ROI on the Cloud? 4 Reasons You Need is a Managed Service Provider

November 30, 2016

Many companies have jumped onto the cloud. The ability to move a company’s data to a virtual environment, and have access to it anytime, anywhere is a great benefit. However, some companies are not seeing the ROI they had predicted. This does not mean the cloud is a bad spot to park your data, it just means you need an experienced managed service provider (MSP).

Prioritizing IT
IT is an ever changing world. The IT industry hires the most technical minded people in corporate America. These technical gurus need not only be able to manage, fix, and upgrade on the fly, but keep up to date on emerging technologies as they become available. Since technology literally advances by leaps and bounds, it is hard for IT departments to keep up, and that is why they need help. They need a managed service provider like TOSS C3. We can help relieve the burden on your staff and provide more efficient operations.

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Upgrade Your Infrastructure
A network infrastructure should be able to handle all the needs of its current employees, and have the ability to grow with the company. A managed service provider has the newest equipment to upgrade or downgrade your infrastructure as you need it.

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory team, states that companies need to re-examine network costs. Some of the first steps should “be taken to optimize network costs by refining the design and sourcing of their networks.” The right managed service provider can find weak links in your network and optimize it to work for your specific needs.

Maintain a Steady Technology Budget
Company computers die out on a daily basis. Upgrades to older computers are never ending. Re-installing software packets can keep some IT professionals busy for days. The high cost of IT software needed to maintain networks and the ever increasing cost of hiring new employees can cause IT budgets to spike.

A managed service provider can help to alleviate unknown monthly costs. Once a model has been agreed upon by your company and an MSP, then you will see a steady, predictable budget. This is regardless of the support you require, and if something dire goes wrong, you are not stuck paying for the repairs.

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Have IT Departments Do What They are Paid For
IT departments will always be needed, but there is nothing wrong with eliminating some of the work. IT personnel are paid well for their part in corporate America. They are hired on to provide new strategies, form and implement ongoing projects, and prepare for where the company is going next year. Why have them waste time with software upgrades, repairs, and other menial tasks? Contact TOSS C3 who has the experienced and dedicated staff to not only manage routine tasks, but also handle urgent issues quickly.

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