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Enjoy These Benefits When You Work With a Cloud Service Provider

April 28, 2017

CPA firms spend all day taking care of other people’s money, and sometimes they forget how to take care of their own. Connecting your business to the cloud is one cost advantage you cannot ignore. With heightened client visibility, an improved IT team, and the lack of stress from worrying over your network, what’s left to consider? Cloud services are the only logical choice.

The Software Advantage

CPA firms usually use the same software for years and they can sometimes forget to add new updates. Software updates not only include new features but often have new updated security measures to improve the protection of your data. A cloud service provider, like TOSS C3, who has worked with several CPA firms, can help you make the right choices when selecting new products for your office. They can offer advice concerning new CPA software, as well as the best software to get the most advantages from the cloud. Discover how TOSS C3 can help you grow by reducing your IT concerns:

Save that Money

Cloud service providers have servers onsite, so you do not have to have one in your office. Without a server, only a limited IT team is needed, and in many cases, the IT department can be eliminated. Hardware and software will not need to be purchased since the provider handles all of that for you.

In fact, when working with a managed cloud service provider you will likely have an opportunity to implement enterprise-level software. Since the cloud service provider can buy group licenses and distribute them as needed, the cost to you would be much cheaper than if you were to purchase the software alone.

Flexibility of Cost

As a CPA one of the busiest times of the year is during tax season. It is not uncommon for CPA firms to struggle in preparation for tax time. Many firms find they need to add extra resources in order to handle an increase in clients and extra employees. The additional resources make it possible to accommodate the needs related to an increased workload and extra employees, but in many cases, those resources may not be needed again until the next tax season.

Cloud providers receive a monthly fee for their services. As your needs grow then so does the monthly plan. When you are finished with the more expensive plan, then you can reduce the cost and go back to your normal plan.

Availability and Mobility

Cloud services are expected to be up and running at least 99.999% of the time. This is called the five nines. This is in most providers’ contracts. Can you think of a time your network had an uptime of nearly 100% over the course of a year?

The world has gone mobile and so should you. You do not need to be at work to access your client files. You can be at the coffee shop or at a dinner with a client, or at home and still stay connected to the office. Cloud services provide mobile solutions that keep you connected to your office through your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud service providers have a lot of business solutions available for CPA firms. They offer IT services at a reduced cost, software updates, better control of your data, and they protect your data from hackers. Best of all, you just pay a monthly fee to have the peace of mind that your network and data are working the way they should nearly 100% of the time. Get a free assessment today and find out how TOSS C3 can move your business forward.

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