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Get proactive prevention, detection, and remediation of all cybersecurity threats around-the-clock.

TOSS’ data security experts utilize the most effective and efficient tools to stay ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats that could stop your productivity in its tracks.

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Get educated on how to prevent attacks on your company from ransomware, viruses and malware. Protect your network using the best practices available in the industry today. If you read one book this year, make it this one. It could save your business.

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5 Reasons to Store Your Data in the TOSS Cloud

Drive Costs Down with Secure Multi-Tenancy in the Cloud

Why dedicate one enterprise-level server to one workload when it can serve many? While virtualization is not new and organizations have taken advantage of its virtues for years, having your VMs and applications running on the same physical servers as other departments or organizations raises some security concerns.

Stop Worrying About All the Regulations

These days there are strict guidelines ranging from Credit Card Information (PCI) to Health Care Information (HIPAA/HiTech). We all have Credit Cards and we all want to protect our personal information. Encryption is one of the key pieces in the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as HIPAA / HITECH, GLBA, SOX, and loads of others. Get your data into the TOSS cloud and these will be nothing more than vague acronyms to you.

Avoid Data Breach by Storing Your Data in a Fully-Encrypted Cloud

46 of the 50 States already have Breach Notification laws in place, requiring you to notify all impacted individuals. The average cost to suffering a data breach at your company? $5.5 million was the latest figure reported. One well-known company suffered a breach effecting 1.5 million credit card holders. The cost to this point is $94 million to the company. Encrypt your data in a secure cloud, save millions, stay out of the news.

Ensure Safe Backups with Data Encryption In-Flight and At-Rest

Backup Tapes aren’t as safe as we once thought. A World-known bank exposed Personal Information of 260,000 people. A Public Services Office in California had 800,000 people effected. A large Healthcare provider had an issue involving 4.9 million people. All results of lost backup tapes. Google it and be amazed how often this occurs and how many doors it has permanently closed. Let the data professionals ensure your data is encrypted and never find your company in these google results.

Enable Remote Offices and Employees to Work Securely

Remote offices, not very secure by nature. Not as heavily-managed or staffed. Thieves tend to notice these things. The likelihood for physical theft in remote offices is greatly increased. Encrypting data, remote management and even some new data encryption tricks. Imagine only having encryption keys active during offices hours and being completely unavailable at night. You have that type of control with encryption in the TOSS cloud.

Unleash The Power In Your Business With The TOSS Cloud


Unleash the Power within Your Business.

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Feel like your IT’s not keeping up with you? Wishing you could do more for less cost and complexity? Then it may be time to TOSS Your IT company.

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One cloud definitely does not fit all. Choosing the wrong cloud will cost you serious time and money. Since TOSS has been delivering the cloud before the cloud was cool, it may be worth a conversation.

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Know your company, customers, and data are protected against cybercrime.

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Keep more money in the bank. We'll identify little known business problems and apply efficiencies that will improve the company and save you money.

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Backup to the Cloud. Start a Business Continuity Plan. Get Offsite Replication and Disaster Recovery. Keep more money in the bank by working with TOSS C3 to create a fully-custom solution.

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