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eLawyering – Cloud Service Provider’s Guide to Securing Data in the Cloud

January 23, 2017

eLawyering is the practice of removing as much paper as possible, and moving to a digital, online experience. This does not mean that a lawyer has to do everything online or in the cloud, but it does mean that a lawyer has the foresight to look at advancing technologies.

Law firms practicing eLawyering may use virtual assistants, virtual paralegals, an initial web interview process for clients, and much more. It is important to understand that some of the most effective cloud technologies involve backing up your data, security and encryption. There are so many possibilities and contacting a well-known cloud service provider, like TOSS C3, can start your law firm down a path filled with enhanced management, reduced IT, and an extended mobile environment.

Personnel Services to Cloud Services

To begin your adventures into the cloud, start by making some decisions. Think of some of the basic procedures in the office, and determine which of these processes would be better handled through automation. The most common of these are the initial intake forms. They can be handled online and reviewed at a later date.

You can have web conferences with one or more people, which cuts driving time, and opens time slots, for all parties involved. Automated document signing has been around for quite a while, and helps to get papers signed quickly and easily through email or a log-in to a firm’s server.

The Lawyer and the IT Guy

These two types of people are typically very different. They have degrees, work long hours, and are passionate about their work, but they are very different people. With this is the need to understand when IT professionals are needed, and what abilities they possess that can be outsourced.

If you currently do not have an IT consultant then you should get one. Cloud service providers can fill the position for you if you are not ready to hire someone into your office, but an IT consultant is an important part of the eLawyering experience. They keep up on the new technologies, so you know if it is okay to have sensitive information stored on your laptop, and if it is alright to travel with that laptop to other states, or even other countries.

The Client

The client is the most important person on your team, and he deserves a consideration about your technology practices. If many of your clients know nothing about technology then it may prove difficult to have them operate a webcam, and in some cases, login to a secure site. The less tech-savvy type of individuals are becoming more scarce every day. Even the elder generation is learning about computers from their grandchildren, so the likelihood of having the client stand in your way is not likely.

eLawyering is overcoming the globe. Very soon, the thought of a lawyer not having immediate access to technologies will cause clients to cringe. They want to believe that their attorney is up to date on the law, and the use of innovative technology.

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