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Cloud Technology in Healthcare

November 24, 2020

Industries are changing over time faster than ever before. The cloud isn’t the only reason why, but it’s definitely left an indelible mark on businesses all over the world in the past decade. Perhaps more than any other industry, cloud services has improved the efficiency and efficacy of the healthcare industry. Here’s why:

 A Technology for Patients

The way patients and doctors communicate to each other prior to an official visit is not convenient to either party. Patients have to schedule visits days or weeks ahead of time and the doctors won’t even know the full story of what’s going on with the patient until that visit when they could’ve known as soon as the patient was sick.

Sooner or later something was going to bring the immediacy of online retailing to the world of healthcare. Now, because of the cloud, patients and doctors are able to communicate and share information before, during, and after a procedure or appointment.

This is obviously better for the patient as it gives them better information faster, and it’s better for the doctors because they can now know the full details of the severity of their patients’ illnesses so they can schedule visits accordingly. These two parties can now share the patient’s records and extremities as well as possible diagnoses and treatments completely through the internet, because with the cloud web applications speak to each other and work seamlessly together.

More for Less

There are now cloud companies that have been in the cloud business for over a decade (like us!), and over that time we’ve become very comfortable with working in the healthcare sphere. We know all the legal specifics that need to be abided by and all the quirks and priorities that healthcare facilities have concerning their IT network.

Cloud companies that are specialized in the healthcare industry can be trusted to host their IT network, and that means that the hospital or facility in question gets the same, or often better, level of service and production as an internal IT team with lower costs. Instead of having to host all the machinery and software themselves, healthcare organizations can just pay for what they use, like applications and storage.

Having the watchful eye of cloud professionals on your network at all times also does wonders in terms of making sure your software is always up to date, and preventing any malware and spam from infecting your IT infrastructure.

What to Look Forward To

Artificial Intelligence!

As machine learning technology continues to evolve, they will provide a larger and more accurate swath of treatment recommendations as well as streamline the more routine tasks. The beauty of AI is that it gets smarter as it goes along, so a hospital equipped with machine learning will only be more effective over time.

How does this relate to cloud technology? Well, artificial intelligence has to be able to communicate to the entire IT network, and that is infinitely simpler to do once all of the IT is in the cloud in the first place.

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