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Cloud Service Providers: Why Your Law Firm Should be in the Cloud

April 25, 2017

Law firms are competitive. Everywhere you go there are law firms that offer services covering real estate matters, insurance claims, criminal cases, civil cases, personal injury, and so much more. So what does a person look for when they select their attorney? There are a lot of things, and sometimes they just walk in the door with a glazed over look.

In today’s world customers of all kinds are looking for businesses they can communicate with. They want to have access to their files 24/7 and they want to feel special. Through managed IT services, that include business portals, mobility options, and heightened security of data, cloud service providers can bring law firms closer to their clients.


Portals in the cloud are open interfaces that allow the customer to review their files safely online. A customer can log in through their browser and go to a dedicated website and enter their personal information to see updates, appointments, and other case information. This connection not only gives the client a sense that your law firm is working with them at all hours of the day, but it helps to limit the number of calls made to your office.

Let’s face it, how many calls come into your office with standard non-billable questions. Although the attorney may want to bill every second of every conversation, some clients feel the amount of money they are paying for your service should allow them some non-billable phone time. Either way, the portal is a good way to keep the client up to date, it keeps you in touch with the client, and it helps limit the random calls that come into your office each day.

Mobility Options

Mobility and office flexibility go hand in hand with business portals. Mobility options help your clients connect to your office from their smart phone, tablet, or laptop while on the go. Not only does this help them stay in touch wherever they are, it also helps you keep in touch with your firm. When you are on a business trip, or just out to lunch on an extended break, you can fire up your mobile device, connect your office and continue work without losing any time in your already hectic day.

Mobile options not only keep you connected, but it does so with some of the best encryption security available. Cloud service providers have dual-authentication practices to make sure your data is secure from hackers, and the high-level encryption they use prevents the best hackers from gaining access to the files. This way, even if hackers gain access and steal your information, they can’t read the information they have stolen.

Data Backups and Recovery

Data is what keeps a law firm going. Data that has been lost could potentially cost a law firm millions of dollars, a huge hit to reputation, and civil suits against the firm for years to come. Cloud service providers, such as TOSS, are focused on the backup and security of your data. Backups of your data are kept on the cloud. Storage in the cloud is helpful in case of a natural disaster; stored data in the cloud is easier to recover when needed. Ask your primary cloud provider what backup and disaster recovery options they have available to you.

The cloud is a necessity. An experienced cloud service provider can take care of your mobility options, keep your data safe, and create portals to keep you connected to your clients. Plus, managed service providers can help minimize IT costs and offer flexibility so services can be scaled as your firm grows.

Your law firm needs to use cutting edge technology that offers state of the art security and convenience. Don’t fall behind your competition by not entering the cloud. Get a free assessment and see how TOSS can help you today.

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