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Cloud Service Provider’s Guide to the Innovative Lawyer

March 29, 2017

Cloud service providers have new tools to help the innovative lawyer get ahead of the competition. It is true that some lawyers are still worried about the cloud, but if you have not made the transition yet, then you could be in trouble. The cloud is here to stay, and new technologies are created to close the gap on old legacy running law offices. Successful law offices, especially those that deal with other businesses, will find their technology is falling behind. Companies want to work with forward thinkers, and that includes law firms they associate with.

The Speed of Efficiency

Let’s face it, the faster you can get a case to court, the faster you can get it finished and move on to the next client. It is bad enough having to wait for the courts, but flexibility is becoming a strong tool for lawyers. A lawyer can meet a client for coffee with only a tablet in hand. While ordering the coffee and enjoying a biscotti they talk and make some decisions. The lawyer can access the necessary documents on the tablet, have the client e-sign them, and have everything sent to the courthouse before they get back in their cars.

Cloud service providers are specialists at flexible mobility services. They also know the software and hardware requirements you need for your law office. A reputable provider, such as TOSS C3, has the experience with law firms to take them to the next level.

An Analytical Future

Data analytics is the future. It is the ability to grab relevant information and process it in a way that benefits specific companies. Law firms are now targeted as the next generation of analytical software. Metadata stored in documents, depositions and research material is staggering. What is happening to all that data? Now it’s entered into a database and cross-referenced with other forms of data to see how the compilation can benefit law offices.

This works by grabbing as much data as possible about a certain topic. Once that topic is discovered, then the data references testimonies, diagnosis, and final conclusions of court decisions. This will help give the lawyer an advantage before taking a case. The data will reference all other cases in your area, and determine possible outcomes, results, and expected results. For more information on how the cloud can help:

The Mechanical Lawyer

This brings us to another type of technology that will follow suit, artificial intelligence (AI). An AI will be so precise that it will have the ability to determine outcomes based on specific judges, and have the ability to outline opposing counsel defenses. At the same time, larger companies will be using the same technology against you. Probably the only ones that won’t have it for awhile are state and federal run institutions, because of the added cost. The AI will not replace lawyers, but it will be a huge benefit for those already in the cloud.

Lawyers who are forward thinkers will find a lot of advantages in the cloud. Cloud service providers with experience with law firms might already have servers ready with software installed just waiting for your call. Contact us to: Request a quote today.

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