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Cloud Service Provider Solutions for CPA Firms

May 1, 2017

CPA firms are not always huge corporations. In fact, many have one or two CPAs with a small staff and one of the CPAs also handles all of the networking needs for the firm. Medium sized firms may not be much different, but are nowhere close to the enterprise giants that have offices spread all across the country, and in some cases, the world. Cloud service providers can bring some of the enterprise-level services to the small- and middle-sized CPA firms.

Go Pro

One of the biggest advantages of cloud providers is the level of expertise of their staff. Small- to enterprise-level firms all have to use a cloud service provider, and that means the provider’s IT have to be proficient in all levels of hardware, software, and infrastructures. Service provider’s IT are certified and have abilities you will not find in any small- or medium-sized firm. Find out more:

Expand your Range

Today there is no reason to sit in your stuffy office all day while you work. This is a mobile world, and it is time to take advantage of it. Cloud service providers not only connect your firm to the Internet, but they connect you to it from anywhere you are located. You can access the files at your office from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. With two-step authentication, you can work from your favorite coffee shop and not worry about hackers getting access to your files. With properly timed backups you can feel safe in knowing that your data is secure against almost any kind of mishap, including…


Disasters are a fact of life. Fires, floods, storms, hackers, or earthquakes can be a real problem for your office. These types of disasters can ruin your computers, servers, data, and working environment for weeks or months. Disaster recovery, such as TOSS C3’s vBCDR, can help to eliminate worries that stem from disasters.

Disaster recovery is a plan put into place to restore everything on your network quickly. Even if a fire takes out your office, all your information is safe on your provider’s network. The advantage is mobility. You can still connect to your files from your tablet or laptop and continue working. In fact, you could literally rent a new space, fill it with computers, and have all your data reinstalled. You could literally be running at full capacity within a day or two with no data loss.

Competitive Advantage

CPA firms are sprouting up all over the place. During tax season there are CPAs hanging out in retail outlets waiting to do taxes for whoever walks by their booth. The cloud offers an advantage even over the multi-chain CPA tax services. Clients want to find someone local who will do their taxes every year. They want to work with someone they trust, not just a person in a vest at a retail store. In order to achieve this, CPA firms need to have a presence. Having a web site and a stack of business cards is not going to be enough. You need to offer the client something they need. That something should be comfort, dependability, and assurance that their tax information is safe.

Cloud service providers have a range of options and they can meet any needs you have for your firm. Get a free assessment and find out how TOSS C3 can help your business.

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