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Cloud Backup: Managed Service Providers and Insurance

March 14, 2017

Backups are the hidden necessity behind every insurance firm. We become complacent about our data, and just know that it is safe. However, backing up data is not necessarily protecting it or your firm from data loss. Legacy backup systems, especially those stored onsite, are not a solid answer to preserving your data. Locally stored data can be affected by the same disaster that affects your physical office location.

Untimely backup solutions can help to recover some data, but when you find your company has fallen victim to a hacker’s attack, then it could take days or weeks just to get your firm up and running. Managed service providers help maintain all of your backup solutions so you really can have peace of mind.

Humans are Flawed

This is no surprise, and the number of flaws us humans have is endless. We forget to backup the system every once and a while, because nothing is really going to happen this weekend, right? Passwords can be forgotten, or irretrievable-especially if your IT guy has decided to move on to another company without notifying you. Besides the IT department, there are those that are supposed to save their work, client lists, or other data to the hard drive by end of day. Maybe data stored on a laptop was supposed to be transferred over but did not make it. The list goes on and on.

Managed service providers take the hassle away. They have automated systems that will do all the backup updates as needed, and they can do this from any sources (laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.) you need data saved from.

Cloud Backup

Managed service providers know how to secure your data. This element of the cloud is a primary resource for your needs. Cloud backups are set up to routinely store your data across multiple servers as needed. If you require the data to remain together then that can be done as well. A multi-level encryption and data access setup can be requested to protect your data from hackers. The nature of cloud backups protect your insurance firm’s data from natural disasters, fire, and human error. For more information:

Disaster Recovery

Some companies forget about the recovery process for retrieving data. In many cases this can increase costs, lead to loss of reputation, and result in more headaches than the actual loss of data. Consider something has happened that has caused your firm to lose all of its data. Now the time has come to rebuild your network. First off you have to allocate IT man hours to fix the problem and retrieve the data. This can take days or weeks depending on the size of your firm, how many computers were affected, and the amount of time since your last data backup.

While the data recovery is in motion you must consider how employees are supposed to perform their jobs. Do you have a separate backup system set up for system files so the company can keep moving while the data is recovered? Customers do not care about the issues your insurance firm is having, they just want to be able to access their records when they need to. If you cannot provide that level of customer satisfaction then they may just find someone else who can.

Managed service providers can offer you an automated backup solution for all of your insurance needs. Your data is better protected in the cloud from natural disasters, hackers and server crashes. The cloud offers all the safety and resources needed to fully backup your data with the absolute minimal amount of loss. Find out more about cloud backups, and get a free assessment

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