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On Price, The Maxim Of ‘You Get What You Pay For’ Really Applies

In the course of our litigation work we have encountered many startup companies that tried to cut costs by using ‘free’ services like Google or Dropbox. While those services have a place, they are not the same as a robust, professional email and document handling system for a solid business platform. From my perspective, untangling these ‘free’ services has created more problems for these young companies as they mature. One company encountered significant data loss when they were acquired by a large corporation and attempted to port their data to their new corporate parent’s system.

  • William Hartzell
  • Paralegal
  • O’Connor, Carnathan & Mack, LLC

TOSS C3 Is Worth It Because Of The In-Depth Understanding They Have Of Our Company’s Environment

If we have an issue that needs attention, we don’t have to deal with a company that needs to be brought up to speed on our IT infrastructure. Knowing that backups, security and overall network health is being monitored is very important to us. If we relied totally on in-house resources we would not have the same level of confidence that we have appropriate coverage. Everyone would like to believe that they can do this all in-house, but doing so would lead to a less reliable environment. Other priorities can easily distract us from monitoring our network.

  • Alan LaBatte
  • Chief Information Officer
  • UNO Restaurants, LLC

I Decided To Use TOSS C3 Because I Felt That They Were The Most Experienced And Had The Best Security

It is a load off my mind that our systems are constantly backed-up and I no longer have to manually do a daily back-up and physically store the media. Time and again TOSS C3 has had to recreate a master document that was written over, and they’ve always been able to retrieve it easily. TOSS C3 has also kept the firewalls and spam filters up to date while monitoring the servers 24/7, and they’ve supplied me with a written security plan. I feel that if anyone tried to hack us they would have a much more difficult time doing so against the TOSS C3 servers as opposed to an independent server located in our office space. I’m confident that TOSS C3 is doing everything possible to protect my firm.

  • Kim McMahon
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Bove & Langa, P.C.

Value Is The Key To Success

In my 25 years of buying computer services I learned that the value of TOSS C3 overshadowed the price. TOSS C3 was always there for me when things went wrong, but more importantly they prevented the problems before there was an issue. With the choice of various levels or service and pricing, you can pick the level that best suits your needs and in-house abilities. Having TOSS C3 monitor my system allowed me to focus on my business knowing that if there was a breach I had the secure backup of my data and a quick solution to the problem. The monitoring is also a key part of my disaster plan that every business must have in case their office suffers a physical loss that would prevent access to the server and equipment. Being able to set up off-site in a hurry is critical to client satisfaction.

  • Michael Driscoll
  • President
  • Crosbie-MacDonald Insurance

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