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Why do Businesses Work with Cloud Providers?

June 11, 2020

If you’ve never had any experience working with a cloud provider, and you don’t know anyone who does either, it’s understandable why you’d be confused about what it is exactly that they do. What you didn’t know is that you’ve been unknowingly taking advantage of cloud technology for a long time.

For well over a decade, email services, professional web applications and internet giants like Amazon and Google have been utilizing cloud computing. If the cloud is good enough for them, maybe it’s time to think about if the cloud can work for your business as well.

Why do People Switch to the Cloud?

Companies seek out cloud service providers for many reasons. In general, it is to save costs and time while having peace of mind about their IT infrastructure. Each of our clients have their own specific needs and priorities, but to give a better understanding of the benefits we’ve boiled it down to a handy acronym: SAD.

Stability: the business may have lost productivity or clients when the system went offline, or they may be struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology. They want true and reliable stability.

Agility is essential. Businesses are looking for mobility and timely communications. Business scale and growth should not cause complications.

Disaster Recovery is the ‘D’ in SAD. Businesses need to have confidence in the business longevity and continuity.

Can any of these services help your company grow? In other words, is your business SAD?

However, keep in mind that not every cloud service provider is the same. Make sure you go through a thorough vetting process with them to make sure they are the right hands to put your IT in. They will ask you a lot of questions about your IT infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them questions as well.

Other Benefits

In addition to stability, agility and disaster recovery, there are a multitude of other ways working with a cloud provider can improve your company.

Did you know working with a cloud provider goes a long way in helping your business go green? Eliminating server storage and cooling costs not only helps the environment but it also reclaims a lot of space in your physical offices. Talk about a win-win!

Having the watchful eyes of IT experts also does wonders in terms of malware and virus prevention. Many of our clients are experts in their specific field, but not cyber defense. They may have had an IT staff, but maybe they were too small or too inexperienced to deal with the booming business that is cybercrime. Cloud engineers are a lot of things, but inexperienced is not one of them! Working with a competent cloud service provider means that the threat of dealing with a ransomware attack or other form of virus is massively lessened.

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