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“With all the companies, hospitals, law firms and municipalities being breached and sued, we wouldn’t turn on a computer without TOSS’ cybersecurity service” That’s what just one of our client’s CIO had to say.

Organizations need centralized visibility to security events so they can identify and automate  response to threats and vulnerabilities. Often, security data is only visible in point solutions in their unique format, forcing companies to duplicate and move data to traditional SIEM solutions.

Cybersecurity Challenges

High Cost
Many MSP’s are delivering their services from monolithic architecture built for a pre-cloud, on-premises world. They’re not designed to auto-scale resulting in either over-provisioned or under-protected environments . By not leveraging the innovations available in the cloud, these MSP’s and MSSP’s pass the inefficiency burden on to their customers resulting in unprotected attack surfaces and at a very high cost.

Inefficient Workarounds Are Expensive And Complex
Adding fuel to the fire, budgets have not kept pace with rapidly growing cyber threat landscape. To contain their costs, organizations rely on workarounds and their already overburdened internal staff to come up with no-cost ways to defend against the nearly 100 Billion Hacker Industry. However, these workarounds create new complexities which in turn result in eventually higher costs, blind spots, and not optimal defense against cyberterrorists and ransomware.

Our Cybersecurity Features:


01 | AI Cybersecurity across all endpoint attack surfaces

02 | Enterprise-grade prevention, detection, and response for endpoints, servers and mobile

03 | Autonomously responds to Malware, Ransomware, and any other emergent threats

04 | Rapid response and remediation by rolling back the threatened endpoints

05 | 24/7 Autonomous response backed by 24/7 human response and remediation

06 | Fully managed for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Chromebook

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What the Brightest Minds are Saying

Co-Managed with your in-house staff or Fully Outsourced

Enables you to get the helping hands, specialized expertise in cybersecurity and associated automation tools they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing, and retaining a large IT staff.

Not only can Co-Managed IT save your organization money, TOSS C3 increases the effectiveness and efficiency of IT by an average of 43% while bringing to your IT team, best in class tools and our team of top industry experts in cybersecurity, giving you greater peace of mind, and protections against downtime, cybercrime, ransomware and IT-related compliance violations.

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