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8 Types of Healthcare Organizations That Need IT Outsourcing

November 1, 2016

You’ve likely heard of IT outsourcing. It’s a service that allows you to hand over responsibility for the IT department to a professional service provider. This cuts the costs of onsite data storage, cuts overall IT costs, and allows you to improve on the services you offer your patients. Download the white paper IT as a Utility for more information.

Keep reading to learn about a few of the types of healthcare organizations that can benefit from IT outsourcing.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals must work hard to stay out of the red ink these days. As insurance companies pay less of the patients’ bills and more people are lining up for medical care, it’s harder and harder to earn a profit. One way to slash costs without sacrificing anything in terms of patient care is with IT outsourcing. They can handle the massive responsibilities for data storage, backups, security, hardware, software, and other IT costs, while all you do is pay a monthly charge and benefit from those services. If your facilities are getting cramped, you can also benefit from not having to dedicate space to a data center or networking closet.

2. Doctors’ Clinics

Did you know that medical clinics are some of the most highly targeted databases today? Medical information is much more valuable than what hackers can steal from banks and credit card companies. If someone’s bank account or credit card number is stolen, they simply close out that account and issue another one. But people can’t change the types of information contained in healthcare records — such as their social security numbers and parents’ names. IT outsourcing allows your doctor’s clinic to hand over that massive responsibility for security to your service provider. You may specialize in general practice or pediatrics, but those guys specialize in IT security.

3. Specialists’ Offices & Clinics

If your practice is in a specialized area of medicine like oncology, orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular, or another medical expertise, you can use IT outsourcing to offer your patients more in terms of services without running up their bills. Your IT provider can establish a patient portal where your patients can log in, make appointments, check their appointment times, update their billing information, check on their insurance company’s payments, and even make payments — all online without speaking to anyone. For patients who are already battling cancer or recovering from surgery, this privacy and time savings is a tremendous benefit.

4. Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Keeping the identities of your valued patients and residents secure is just one of the many difficult aspects of running a nursing home and assisted living facility. With IT outsourcing, you can stay 100 percent within HIPAA requirements by having your data stores safe and secure, and shifting the responsibility for regular backups (another important part of HIPAA compliance) over to your IT service provider.

More Healthcare Organizations That Benefit from IT Outsourcing

What other kinds of facilities can benefit from IT outsourcing?

5. Laboratories & Diagnostics Clinics
6. Dental Offices
7. Orthodontics Offices
8. Outpatient clinics

IT outsourcing allows your healthcare organization to cut costs while sacrificing nothing in terms of patient services. In fact, you can even improve your offerings to patients, all for a low monthly cost. Find out how we can help your organization.

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