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4 Ways IT Outsoucing Can Save Your Clinic Money

December 26, 2016

Hospitals are constantly putting the squeeze on payment rates and margins; there are few types of clinical services, purchased services, and medical-supply categories that aren’t facing a ruthless bottom-line evaluation. Hospitals are now outsourcing nonclinical services such as laundry, HR, lab services, and even food services to save money. Some are also looking for ways to reduce IT costs. IT outsourcing, like that provided by TOSS C3, can save your clinic, lab, or hospital needed funds, which can be placed elsewhere.

The Business of Healthcare
Those in the healthcare industry are in the business of helping people get better, but they are still a business. Businesses try to make money, regardless of the commodity sold. It is a juggling act; you want to keep people healthy, but you also have to keep your company healthy and growing without spending too much. One great option is to figure out the areas in which you and your staff are over-taxed and to outsource some of that work.

The Business of Outsourcing

IT outsourcing to the right service provider will save your organization money. When selecting an IT outsourcing company, take some time to gather information that will help you determine if the company is a good fit for your organization. The list below includes ways the services should help your business save money as it also helps it grow:

1) Decreased need for IT personnel – This is the number one reason businesses hire outsourcing companies. IT outsourcing allows the clinic to hire fewer IT personnel. Not only does this reduce wage costs, but it also reduces the need for paying for health insurance, sick days, and other benefits associated with every new hire.

2) Experience – Outsourcing through a top-notch third-party company will give you peace of mind that the right people will be on the job. This takes the stress out of hiring potentials that may/or may not have the required experience, and you don’t have to worry about upgrading their skill set. Training and certifications are important, but experience is essential.

3) Technology & Security – A company like TOSS C3 can grow with your company. You will enjoy the same advantages of innovative technology that large corporations do, including minimizing risks related to maintaining client data. As your agency grows or expands locations, TOSS C3 can quickly have your IT needs taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4) Increased Productivity – IT outsourcing can give your organization the flexibility it needs to handle all situations, including disasters. By allocating the IT department to a third-party vendor, your clinic can focus on other aspects throughout the company. This helps to improve customer service, better people management, and it reduces IT risks.

Is IT Outsourcing a Priority?
According to HealthcareITNews, “Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of health systems with more than 300 beds — and 81 percent of providers with fewer than 300 beds — are shifting their focus to IT outsourcing for development and complex infrastructure services. Black Book Research surveyed 1,030 hospital CIOs and IT leaders and 243 CFOs and financial executives from 266 hospitals and the business managers from 1,400 outpatient, alternative care and physician practices for their insights on technology and outsourcing services options. The overwhelming conclusion was that immediate access to a fully-trained staff and its technology, in combination with a positive return-on-investment, are driving forces behind the turn toward IT outsourcing, especially as the demand on healthcare organizations grow in complexity.” Want to know more? Read our white paper: IT as a Utility

Hackers now look at healthcare agencies as gold mines. They realize the potential of using patient information, and this information can make them money for several years down the road. The need for IT outsourcing is now. Find out how TOSS C3 can help your organization save money.

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