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3 Ways Law Firms Benefit from Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

November 18, 2016

Disaster recovery is one of the main concerns of all law offices. The days of old when data could be easily stored is no longer viable. There have been too many recent occurrences that have caused severe problems with law companies losing their data. It has come as a realization to more law offices that disaster recovery is one of the most important investments they should make in the near future.

Life Outside the Cloud is Dangerous
A small firm in Pennsylvania felt they did not need any kind of backups, and kept all files on hardcopy. In 2014, that office was a victim of arson. So, maybe it is better to just leave the files stored on the computer. In North Carolina a law office was frozen by a computer virus. Maybe, keep the data offsite, but keep it local? That may work unless a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy comes along. The bottom line is, the cloud just makes sense in today’s ever-unknowing world. Download our cloud report to learn more on this topic.

Who Needs the Cloud?
According to the International Legal Technology Association ( ILTA), “Cloud computing continues to be one of the hottest topics in legal IT. Law firms of all sizes are embracing the cloud, some on an application-by-application basis, others with an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach.” The cloud has reached a new status in law firms; it is considered a ‘must have’ expenditure. If you are not sure the cloud is right for your firm, then you need to put on the training wheels and give it a spin around the block. Start small with a few applications, or get basic data recovery services to see how well it works. You can always expand later. Here you can see how vBCDR can help.

Physical Disaster Recovery
A computer can go on the fritz at any moment. Accidents, natural disasters, and theft are all real issues that affect everyone everyday of our lives. Important information stored on local machines is not only a bad idea but, it can be downright careless. No business should store information on local machines any more, and this especially applies to law offices.

Reduction of IT
IT departments will always be needed, but there is nothing wrong with eliminating some of the work. Routine backups of information help IT departments keep their focus on the physical aspects of the network; not the digital. TOSS C3 is “the sole-provider of IT as a Utility®, vBCDR®, and recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as the Cloud Conversion Company®.”

Think of a world where you can get better security, but at a lower cost. Welcome to the cloud. Although many attorneys feel it is safer to store data on files, tapes, or other backups, the truth is that the cloud is safer. Typical protections can include:
• Automatic updates to virus and other installed software
• Two-factor authentication
• Data encryption that can be set to occur during data transfers, or while at rest
• Hardware that can only be accessed by authorized users

Things are always going to happen. The best thing a law office can do is to be protected against whatever thing comes their way. You can bet, whatever it is, it will come.

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