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2017 Cloud Innovations for Law Firms

March 30, 2017

Legal technologies have taken off the last couple of years. The cloud has become a security powerhouse, and the tools it provides allow all walks of life to continue business at a running pace. Lawyers have jumped on the wagon, but found there were not many tools that were specific for law firms. That is all about to change.

 The Advantage of Data

Once upon a time lawyer’s documents were just accumulated in file drawers, and over time that found their way to computer hard drives. Now the filing structures of law firms, county clerks, and everyone in the justice system are in the cloud.  What could be next? We all know that companies are accumulating data and using this data to create informatics databases. Now the same thing is happening to the data produced by law firms. This data is not just for lawyers to have the ability to look up precedents or specific codes outlying specific cases; this data helps to protect the future.

The Chatbot

Chatbots are automated messengers that give people the chance to converse about specific issues. In the United States and Canada, legal chatboxes have already arisen to help clients with traffic tickets. In 2016, these automations had been expanded to include;

  • helping victims with legal options advice
  • helping the homeless receive free legal aid
  • helping clients with legal documents instead of paying a lawyer to do it
  • helping law offices with the intake of new patients

The last one is not really that impressive. Cloud service providers have tools that can help law offices do that same function. The point is that if you and your law office is not in the cloud, then you need to get there.

Look to the Future

Automated alternatives will not be the end of lawyers. Many people still need a human face to feel they are getting the real deal. However, chatboxes and other cloud applications can help you to integrate the technologies of the cloud into your law firm. They are an excellent way to get help with the mundane activities that often do not require a real person. Client intake and outtake forms can commonly be taken care of by an automated service. So can several simple questions that burden the receptionists. Look forward to the client having the ability to login to your cloud-based environment from home, and have the ability to check scheduling, recent changes, and updates.

The Move to Video

Healthcare and insurance companies have already started the move to video conferencing. This technology is becoming more common in law offices as well. Simple appointments, questions, and updates can be made from the client’s home or office. This is a technology cloud service providers can set you up with right now. The video experience helps reduce transportation issues and assists in keeping appointment times more efficiently. The big difference with this technology is it does not have to be an expensive endeavor for office to office communications. The new apps allow clients to log in through a dashboard, and they can connect directly to your office.

These technologies are meant to smooth out the day-to-day duties of law firms. Cloud service providers require a monthly fee to set up and monitor technologies, but that means you do not have to purchase the equipment, the software, or the personnel to run the operation. Get a free assessment now!

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